Fetal Medicine

Fetal Medicine aims in the proper guidance and care of the pregnant woman and the fetus both during pregnancy and for a short period of time after childbirth. The aim of the Fetal Medicine is to ensure the best possible care for the mother, the fetus and the newborn.

  • Early diagnosis of fetal anomalies
  • Early diagnosis of Chromosomal abnormalities (First Trimester Screening)
  • Development of safer techniques for prenatal diagnosis
  • Prediction and prevention of embryonic mortality
  • Prediction and prevention of premature birth
  • Prediction and prevention of Pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction
  • Managing Multiple pregnancy complications

Prenatal care plays an important role in improving the quality of pregnancy, in preventing health problems, in reducing maternal and fetal mortality, in reducing congenital anomalies, in reducing prematurity, and in preserving the health of the newborn and its mother.

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