Doppler Ultrasound

Assessment of fetal development takes place at any stage after 24 weeks of gestation. If there is no reason to perform the ultrasound earlier, the proposed gestational age is about 32 weeks in ALL pregnant women, with a possible 36-week follow-up, according to the latest guidelines, in order to exclude embryos with late growth in later pregnancy, Such as in cases of increased risk of severe maternal pre-eclampsia.

What is the purpose of this ultrasound?

This ultrasound aims to determine the growth and health of the fetus by:

  • Measuring the size of the fetus (head, abdomen, femur) and calculating the weight estimate of the fetus
  • Examination of fetal movements
  • Assessment of placental position
  • Evaluation of the placenta composition
  • Measuring the amount of amniotic fluid
  • Assessment of blood flow to the placenta and the fetus (mean cerebral flow, umbilical artery flow, flow of uterine arteries) with colored Doppler ultrasound

Which structures of the fetus can be tested?

Depending on the location of the fetus, all the major organs and structures can get controlled.

What preparation is needed?

No preparation is required.

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